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MSc Theses

18. John Apelman
Production of an Avidin Conjugated Antibody Pretargeting Agent
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, Emma Aneheim, 2015.

17. Tierra Duffield
Synthesis and Quality Control of Radiohalogenated PSMA Inhibitors
for Targeted Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, Emma Aneheim, 2015.

16. David Wadsten
Fc-gammaR in Alpha-radioimmunotherapy: Work up of a head to head in vivo comparison of F(ab)2 fragments with intact IgG MX35
Supervisor: Per Albertsson, 2013.

15. Besart Rexhaj
Initial development of voxel dose kernel dosimetry in MATLAB for alpha particles using Alpha Camera imaging of tissue samples
Supervisors: Tom Bäck and Stig Palm, 2013.

14. Jenny Halleröd
Shelf life of "epsilon-Lysyl-3-(Trimethylstannyl) Benzamide Immunoconjugates and Poly-L-Lysine Conjugates.
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, Emma Aneheim, 2013.

13. Johnny Kallin
Development of a dosimetric model for alpha-particle irradiation with 213Bi and an in vitro experiment to assess complex DNA damage in human diploid fibroblasts.
Supervisors: Kecke Elmroth, Karin Magnander, and Jörgen Elgqvist, 2011.

12. Daniela Markoscan
Evaluation of Ligand Tracer Grey Instrument.
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, 2009.

11. Emil Boström
125I-labelling of TRP-receptor ligand for prostate cancer therapy.
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, 2008.

10. Jens Zimmerman
Acitivity determination of the alpha-emitting radionuclide 225Ac.
Supervisor: Stig Palm, 2007.

9. Sofia Frost
Synthesis and evaluation of pretargeting and effector molecules for pretargeted radioimmunotherapy.
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, 2006.

8. Maria Ohlsson
Optimising a method for visualising gammaH2AX-foci after irradiation with X-ray and Astatine-211.
Supervisors: Kecke Elmroth and Lars Jacobsson, 2006.

7. Karin Magnander
The use of pulsed field gel electrophoresis, measuring double-strand breaks and clustered damage after exposure to ionizing radiation of different beam qualities.
Supervisors: Kecke Elmroth and Lars Jacobsson, 2005.

6. Leif Jonasson
A study of the binding kinetics of MX-35 on OVCAR-3 cancer cells using 211At.
Supervisors: Gunnar Skarnemark and Lars Jacobsson, 2003.

5. Jonas Häller
A study of the antibody MX-35 labeled with 211At on OVCAR-3 cells for cancer therapy.
Supervisors: Gunnar Skarnemark, Lars Jacobsson and Allan Emrén, 2003.

4. Kristina Claesson
Distribution and quantification of DNA double-strand breaks in a human cells irradiated with X-rays and alpha-particles from 211At.
Supervisor: Kecke Elmroth, 2003.

3. Lisa Hansson
Binding kinetics of 125I labeled monoclonal antibodies evaluated in vitro with a radiation detector system.
Supervisor: Lars Jacobsson, 2002.

2. Karin Bengtsson
Utvärdering av internalisering av radioaktivt märkta antikroppar och av antikroppar i pretargetingsystem.
Supervisor: Sture Lindegren, 2000.

1. Charlotta Johansson
Activity measurements of 211At
Supervisor: Lars Jacobsson, 1999.


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